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"Meridijana" Ltd. is the firm from Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, specialized in the manufacture of impregnated wooden poles, railway sleepers, vineyard poles and other wood assortments that require chemical wood preservatives.
Raw material for the production is obtained from BIH forests where grows best quality trees and where the timber industry has a long tradition.
Strong bases of raw materials allow our company to continuously produce high quality products, poles, sleepers, stakes , and therefore meet industry standards.
We have developed a high-tech and automated production line with which we produce the highest quality, environmentally most acceptable and cost-effective products. Proof of this are the certificates which we own, and our satisfied customers.
The company supports research and development team who rigorously monitoring and improving the production process and quality control. In that regard, we successfully cooperate with renowned houses " Jugoinspekt " Belgrade, " Institute for Construction " Banja Luka and " Bureau Veritas " Ljubljana that perform quality control of raw materials, means of impregnation and the final product, for which they issue valid certificates.